Thursday, November 12, 2009

To the land of Coca Cola

Ahhh.....Columbia... sun... sand.... Colonial architecture and Coca Cola, lots of Coca Cola to drink here....... One might say that it's snowing in Colombia. There is a loose analogy here for certain, and one in which we would not participate, but in reality, it is a fact that Columbia provides 80% of the world's Cocaine. An impressive fact considering the size of the country. We have been here for several weeks now, and haven't seen any evidence of this trade, but aparently it goes on, and in a big way. When we were in Nicaragua, there was an ad campaign running for Columbian Tourism that said, "the only risk you have in coming to Columbia is wanting to stay." We thought is was catchy, and maybe it struck a cord with us and that's why we came, who knows. Compared to other Central American countries however, there are fewer tourists and maybe it's because of the stigma that Columbia has. Apparently Farc does still exist, but they have been relinquished to the rural areas, mostly in the jungle between Colombia and Panama, an area infamously known as