Friday, May 9, 2014

Grandma's Kitchenware & Vegan Shepherd's Pie

My grandma no longer lives at home and I recently had the opportunity to select a few special items from her kitchen. I found the most colorful and retro casserole pan and a stainless steel gravy boat that inspired us to make a shepherd's pie with gravy. It was so wonderful to use some previously loved kitchen tools that each had a history of serving up food for my grandparents and their guests. I am so proud to give these tools a home in my kitchen. It means so much...

Mark was inspired to make vegan gravy from Oh She Glows. The recipe was made with no adaptations, because Mark wanted to measure everything out perfectly. He said he wanted to know exactly how the recipe would taste the first time, and it was phenomenal! It was so good we will probably put it on everything in the future, including salads and dessert!

For the shepherd's pie, I wanted to find a vegan recipe that used spaghetti squash, because we'd had one taunting us on our counter for awhile, but I couldn't find a single recipe. So I cut the ends off of our huge spaghetti squash, split it down the middle, seeded it (saving the seeds to roast), and microwaved it until soft.

I'm going to try to recreate the recipe as much as possible... I actually didn't spice this up very much. The seasonings were very simple but it was really tasty, especially with the gravy.

To make the shepherd's pie filling, in a large electric steamer or rice cooker, cook: