Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beautiful Columbia

After arriving from Venezuela, we decided to stop in Bucaramanga, which is partway along our journey to San Gil, so that we could see the stretch of road during the daylight (we were told that it was dramatic and not to be missed). To our surprise, the following morning I (Mark) woke up with serious nausea and vertigo. The whole room was spinning and I couldn't make any one single item stop. I wasn't sure if I had just been dreaming about being on a bus, or what had caused it. Being the great nurse that she is, Michelle took good care of me and handled the running of errands that morning. We stayed in the room until it was time to check out or stay, and we decided to go for it. Even though things were still spinning, I didn't want to waste a day of travelling.

Slowly the nausea went away as the sights of the drive became more and more dramatic. We followed a river into what became