Monday, April 13, 2009

Viacruces passion y muerte de Cristo (The Crucifiction)

What a procession! It took us awhile to find the genesis of this event. In our quest, we asked many people on the street and everyone seemed really vague, or just said the name of a particular avenue. While looking, we ran into our friend Nancy from the school who was also looking for the event, and with her help, we were able to narrow down the exact location. With some luck, we caught the event right when it began, and followed it all the way through town. This took several hours. It was difficult to hold our positions in front, and a few times I was shoved by the Roman soldiers with spears, but overall we were able to stay
in between the soldiers on horseback, and Jesus. What an experience. It will take several blog posts to really cover the activities of this weekend in full. For now, we'll just do the Crucifiction which was on Friday. I hope you enjoy the photos.

Just a couple of random shots from the weekends happenings. The yellow one was a night shot without a flash so its not crystal clear. We'll post some more photos of the evening shown in the photos below. They were taken at the "burning of the Judases" (that is a firetruck I am standing next to) and it's a story all unto itself, so sorry for keeping you hanging, but it's worth the wait. We also have some video of this event, so we may end up posting that to Facebook if we can figure out how.

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