Monday, May 18, 2009

Adios San Cristobal

We are leaving our beautiful casa in San Cristobal at this very moment to head to beautiful Lagos de Montebello and then to Quezaltenango (aka Xela, as the indigenous people call it), Guatemala. We will arrive in Xela by Thursday and will enroll in one-on-one intensive Spanish language school for five hours per day beginning in exactly one week. We also hope to live with a Guatemalan family in order to fully immerse ourselves in the language. We are planning to be there for about a month so make your travel plans now to come and see us.
Mark & Michelle


  1. 1 month! Wow you guys! Then where? How long are you planning to be out of the country? Love the pictures and glad you are enjoying yourselves!

  2. Hola me amigos.... Moving again I see... Hope you have safe travels. Good luck with the Spanish. It is going to be challanging at first - but you both are up for a challange - or else you would not be there,eh??? Take care & have way too much fun...

  3. Greetings from Redding! All is bueno here, although hot. 100 today (May 27). Played golf after work and now I'm supposed to be working on a freelance story about the local Latin band Majical.

    Have fun in Guatemala. Safe travels & don't take any wooden pesos.

    Your pal Lou

  4. Can't wait to hear more! Your picture of San Cristobal is "stunning"! ;)

  5. Hey MArk & Michelle - it's Ashley from nursing school. Looks like you guys are having such an amazing trip. I am jealous! Keep the blog coming.

    All is well here. Working in the ER at Mercy. I am 16 weeks prego, yay! Melissa had her baby on Thursday, a little boy named Dylan. Everything went well.

    Take care, be safe and HAVE FUN!!!