Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I thought I´d supplement Mark´s amazing blog entries with some more photos. Here they are. We have all but stopped taking pictures because we are attending school and studying every day like mad... and... dare I say it... learning Spanish, finalmente!

Feliz Cumpleanos, Marcos! Some more photos of our
fabulous hike up Volcan Tajumulco.

Some more photos of the colorful & fantastic Xela cemetery.

Some more photos of San Jacinto in nearby Salcaja, Guatemala. This is allegedly the oldest cathedral in all of Central America.

The first day of school!

The hike to Los Vahos and the relaxing natural hot steam. We were the only people there and the only people on the trail except for the occasional farmer. It was a spectacular hike! Most folks take a ''tour'' or a taxi but it was a beautiful 50 minute hike for us and a nice break from studying. Note Marks warning in the following blog.

The domes of the downtown cathedral. A storm is brewing. There is generally one crazy storm per day--lightning and all.

See you soon! Thanks for the comments.

Mark & Michelle


  1. All of your iuctures are amazing. I have a feeling you might just be staying in South America for good and vacation in the states from time. It looks like you are having an amazing time. What a great experience. Love ya, miss ya!

  2. I am puzzled: how come a small place like Xela has 50 schools? Is it some type of mecca for learning Spanish?
    Markie, as your mother, I am noticing that you are looking more and more like a mountaineer, wizened by the elements. I'm looking forward to welcoming you back home. Thanks for the photo's and commentaries.

  3. Love the photos... Miss you both. Dave and I are going to Mt Shasta/McCloud this weekend to enjoy the 4th. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Leona