Monday, February 15, 2010

One step back

This photo really epitomizes a greater part our trip, and the kinds of things which we saw and experienced. It's not an exaggeration to say that we saw a lot of waterfalls, and I mean......a lot! By this point, we had seen so many that I remember almost thinking to myself that I had seen enough waterfalls to fill a lifetime. Even still, you can't deny the beauty and grandeur in this photo, and it was just as spectacular to be there in person.

Since we're still in Ecuador on the blogging of our trip, I am going to take the time to post a few photo's that got missed in previous I hope you like them.

This photo of Michelle and a beautiful Quechua girl
was taken above the Quilatoa Crater during our time there in the Ecuadorian Highlands. The Quechua culture is rich in its language and traditional dress. Each area will typically have certain colors and/or patterns of fabric which the women share collectively. An area might be the size of a typical County in California for example. Once outside of that area, you would see different
dress, different colors, etc., although one thing stayed pretty constant in our journeys and that was the use of a dark hat such as the one the girl is wearing.

Crossing a large sand dune on our hike from the crater to a neighboring village. This was an exciting day. Anytime you can travel village to village on foot with a handful of belongings on your back it just gives you this exhilarating feeling, we´re still not exactly sure why!

The lighting was just right for this photo. Taken in the same area around Quilatoa.

It was blowing pretty hard that day. You can see the wind on the water below. Michelle you're a rockstar!

Another nice photo of a Quechua woman. On her back she was either carrying a bundle of wood or most likely in this case, a warm little baby. It is very typical for indigenous women to carry their young on their backs, something which must reinforce the close bond between mother and baby.

Michelle taking advantage of some extra time while we waited for our bus. In the background you can see our bags packed and ready to go. We're moving to a new home.....again!

Yep, he looks pretty happy to be there just like we were!

In our next post, we will continue on from BaƱos to cover our trip to another highland Andean village, and later, a beautiful and remote national park.

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