Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ft. Collins Rocks!

Horsetooth Park Wildflowers

Chris has chosen to live in a very beautiful area of the country. He was teasing us about how hot it gets in Redding by the time we left. I was hiking to the "waterfall" so I got dibs on the camera that day

Mark and I were able to explore the area while we were there. We must have brought up the idea of moving to Fort Collins at least twice a day because the area has so much to offer.

Fort Collins is just on the east side of the Continental Divide. I have never understood exactly what the Contin
ental Divide was, but now I do. The Continental Divide is simply the dividing line between the great watersheds of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. All of the water and snow melt from the tip of each mountain along the Divide rolls either toward the west--the Pacific watershed--or toward the East--the Atlantic watershed. Fort Collins is in a high desert type of terrain with a gorgeous mountain backdrop to the west and wide open plains to the east. It's stunning.

We had the opportunity to mountain bike and hike through Horsetooth and Lory parks, raft down the Poudre River during peak flows, and dine at the most amazing vegetarian/vegan restaurant called the Rainbow. Six thumbs up betwee
n Mark, Chris and I. Yum!
Mark raced in the CSU Criterium and I couldn't believe that he wasn't leading the pack but he still had a huge smile on his face every time he went around the circuit. Well, it turns out that his cable housing stripped and he was unable to shift so he raced with an impromptu fixed gear. We've agreed that next year there will be no mechanicals!

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