Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fraser Hike

While we were in Fraser Michelle went hiking and Mark went mountain biking. I got the camera that day. Fraser was amazing in all directions despite the damaged trees from the Mountain Pine Beetle.I saw an otter swimming at the edge of this beautiful pristine lake on the way up to the trailhead.
Unbelievably, Junior made it nearly all the way to the trailhead which, by the way, was at 10,045 feet elevation.
About a mile into the hike I ran into the remains of an old log cabin. It was such a beautiful setting—nestled in the pines alongside a bubbling stream.
The hike was so peaceful; I felt like the wilderness was all mine. I didn't see a single person and all I could hear were the sounds of the trees swaying in the wind and the birds singing their sweet songs. Hiking is my favorite pastime in the world.
Further up I found quite a bit of snow on the trail, but I kept plugging along.The trail was pretty wet from there on out. I stumbled across a gorgeous high mountain meadow a few miles in.
Sadly, about a mile above the meadow the snow got so thick that I couldn't find the trail. I poked around for a bit until I finally figured I'd better turn around before I got lost. What a treat. When Mark and I met back at the campsite that evening we both realized that we were ready to move to Fraser.

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