Monday, June 23, 2008

On to Aspen

After Fraser we headed toward Aspen, Colorado. Mark had been there ages ago and wanted to see if it was as amazing as he remembered. We drove the back way along Highway 82. It was stunning and there was surprisingly little traffic. On our way we encountered one of Colorado's infamous afternoon storms. Let me tell you, it goes against every survival instinct to drive straight towards black, black clouds. . .
. . .but, that is exactly what we did.

We found a private camping spot alongside a canyon with a raging river below.Mark headed out to bicycle up Independence Pass.This was the view we woke to in the morning.We both agreed that Independence Pass must be the most brilliant stretch of road in the United States. The views were jaw dropping in all directions and waterfalls spilled off the mountain every few hundred feet or so. The road climbed steeply. . .
. . .ending at the 12,095 foot pass.Just outside of Aspen are the Maroon Bells which are apparently the most photographed peaks in North America.
That was a surprise to us because there didn't seem to be many people around.
We camped near this spot and enjoyed trips into the wilderness and into Aspen.Mark and I were giddy from spending so long on a camping/wilderness
road trip and we felt such peace. We wondered how anyone could be anything but
happy in the wilderness because all we could do was grin from ear to ear.
We wondered if we would even be able to put on a stern face if we tried. . . So, we tried. . .
Here are the results.

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  1. Your last comment motivated me to update my blog :) and you are in it!

    I love your pics! Beautiful!