Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Aspen to Glenwood Springs

The Rio Grande Trail from Aspen to Glenwood Springs was finished only one or two days before we rolled into town. We were so lucky! I was especially lucky because I got to ride it the whole way. Mark took a turn shuttling.
Thank you Mark!
Mark rode with me for the first 15 miles or so of the 44 miles total. It was fantastic!
He rode back to get the car so he could meet me in Glenwood Springs.
The usual midday storm came during the middle of my ride. Wow! The rain came down SO hard and the lightning cracked like mad. I put on my jacket and thoroughly enjoyed myself while singing along to Wicked with my iPod the whole way. It was awesome.

I rolled into Glenwood Springs and found a farmers market where I bought us some fresh bread. Afterwards I rode to the local brewery where Mark met me and we had lunch.
What a perfect day!

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  1. What neat pics! this place with the waterfalls looks like some kind of haven! You and Mark look great too : ) love you!