Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our site visits from the US are in the shape of a heart

I think if we took a poll and had people guess who has the most patience between Mark and Michelle the consensus would be that MARK is the most patient of the two. That is why he has been in charge of the blogs--I'm not very 'into' computers at the moment. I think the last several years of school have cured me for a spell. But, Mark is studying en la casa right now so I'll share a couple of brief observations.

1. The visitors to our blog from the US make the shape of a little heart if you look at all the dots just right (especially on the flat map). I think that's pretty neat.

2. For the first time in my life I was able to smile and
laugh when someone (Mark) leaned over to me and said, ''You really need to keep your mouth shut.'' Normally, I would be thoroughly offended, of course, but we were on a crowded public bus and a few sneezes and coughs could be heard here and there and what with the swine flu and all. . . Cato just thought it would be a good time to breathe through our noses.

3. For our volunteer efforts we both needed to buy an inexpensive work shirt. I got mine a while back but Mark still needs one. We found some inexpensive shirts at the grocery/everything else in the world store and ALMOST bought one that brought us to our knees laughing. It was in English and had a pirate theme. That is, a picture of a pirate and the saying, ''Surrender your Booty.''

4. The weather is beautiful. We have one storm per day and the rest of the day is sunny.

5. Our rent is about $240 US per month or about 60 bucks per week and we LOVE our little house. I think eventually we might work for a year or so in the states and then move down here for three or four years at a time to save money. Want to come with us?

That's about it. We love San Cristobal! Come visit us. We are just down the street from La Casa Del Pan at #20 Doctor Navarro in La Casa Blues. Our bell is the second one down. We'd love to see you.

Mark & Michelle


  1. Hey, the pepin people wish you well on your journey. Absolutely love the house and thanks for sharing. makes me wish I/we were on the road and not saddled with the responsibilities of this life....just saddled with the responsibilities of another life. just kidding. it's all one big ride.
    love, linda and jim

  2. So you don't mind if me and Kev bring our three rug rats down to party it up with you guys?

    $240? What a steal! I love your little house. Looks like you guys are having a blast!

    Love you. Miss you.

  3. Wish I was with you guys, I'm going to start saving my money and join you on the next adventure. Enjoy.