Friday, May 8, 2009

Some Down Home Culture.

It's good to know that some things are translatable from one culture to the next. For example.... a midget in a mask kicking a large guy, also with a mask in the groin is just funny, no matter how you look at it. Apparently it's also funny in the Mexican culture. Enter the world of Nacho Libre, or Lucha Libre as they call it here. After receiving an invitation from some of our friends to attend this event, we couldn't pass up the opportunity. Especially after seeing the movie with Jack Black. We had to see if this thing was for real. On top of our curiosity, it's also really important for us to explore the culture of an area when we're travelling, and we only have so much time. We had to pick between several museums, or a walk through a protected ecopark, and, well.... we had to prioritize - Nacho Libre came first that day! By the way, the man in the suspenders on the outside of the ring had a stage name of EL GUAPO, or "handsome". I hope you enjoy the video.

In other news. Michelle has become a Market buying specialist. Market meaning the flavela type shacks that house tienda after tienda after tienda of different products, mostly food. If you saw Slumdog Millionaire you got a taste of what a flavela is, only here, people don't live there, it's just a market. She is so good at finding all the right herbs and vegetables, and even bought a cute little market basket for her trips there. She has also perfected a recipe that she picked up during our time on the farm in Zahala which is mashed up bananas with wheat flower rolled up into a ball with a little chunk of Oaxacan cheese inside. These are baked or (cooked on range top) to perfection and are soooooo delicious. (we've kind of dropped the Vegan thing here, but still no meat) Fun stuff. Thanks for visiting!
Ciao for now.


  1. Wow! What a video clip. Is Mark going to see if they have any openings for the El Guapo man.

    When I read the word cheese I was shocked to hear you are giving up being Vegan. Glad to hear you are living it up and immersing yourself in the culture! Party on.

    So sad to have missed your call. Did you plan on calling us during church so you could save money by not talking to us??? :) ust kiddin. Love you guys!

  2. BTW: I didn't mean you were giving up the whole Vegan thing forever- I just meant while you were on your Journey :)

  3. Now if only you'd allowed cheese while you were here in Redding, I would've fed you two a lot more often!!! Cheese is a major food group in my house!!!

    Miss you two tons!