Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Adios Xela

We will be leaving Xela at 4:00 in the morning so hopefully our blogs will become frequent and exciting once again. Cristóbal joined us in Guatemala on the 10th and Mark will blog about their journey to Xela soon I´m sure. They have some great photos.

Meanwhile, goodbye to our teachers and new friends. Cristóbal took two days of intensive one-on-one Spanish classes with Oscar and learned an amazing amount. In fact, he says
that he has already learned more in just over a week than he did all year in school.

Thank you Eureka, the best school in Xela!

My teacher Irene was a perfect match for me and our six weeks of one-on-one school flew by. We spent five to six hours per day together and I can literally say she has taught me everything I know. Check out the sweet certificate. Oh yeah baby!

Mark and I took some cooking classes at my school along with some other students.

The group of gals were from Poland and they brought some strong and tasty vodka from home to share. It sure made cooking fun!

The classes were amazing and of course authentic vegetarian.

When we settle again we will post some fabulous photos of some hikes with Cristóbal. In the meantime. . .
Mark, Michelle, and Cristóbal


  1. Your blogs are anything but boring. They ooze adventure, fun, instruction, life, joy, daring, human interaction, and many other things one truly loves reading about. So glad Cristobal is adapting and able to share this experience of a lifetime! Great photo's, great writing. You guys are becoming real travel journalists.
    Love from Aaron, myself, and the Sullins clan

  2. Michelle! Mark!
    the vodka is called zubrowka (żubrówka) - bison grass vodka. It is waiting for you in my fridge!
    Adios y hasta la vista!