Monday, July 27, 2009

Hola Honduras!

We made it to Honduras via the coastal route. It's been a grand adventure and this post will not do it justice but I'll post our general whereabouts and where we've been. From Xela, we took a bus at 4:00 in the morning bound for the SE corner of Guatemala, where the land is jungle and the air is humid. We stayed 2 nights in the town of Rio Dulce and spent one of those nights with some new friends in a private house on the river. The house was owned by a very accomodating family from L.A. who we met at the local waterfall/hot spring.....Thanks again! Next we took a river boat down the Rio Dulce to the Carribean town of Livingston (a spectacular 1.5 hour ride). There the Garifuna people and culture (Google it) warmly greeted us into their world. It was quite the experience and such a change from the rest of Guatemala.....we loved it! We visited another crazy waterfall called the Seven Altars which we reached after an afternoon hike along the beach. The standard cliff jumping occurred at each of the pools and Chris and I found
an actual vine on which we could swing across the span of the river. Apparently the original Tarzan movie was filmed there.

The following morning we took an early AM boat to the port town of Puerto Barrios, where we caught a collectivo bound for the border of Honduras. Considering all the political unrest in Honduras, the border crossing was a breeze without any indication of instablility. Across the border, we spent one night at the sleepy beach town of Omoa, took the free bikes from the hotel around town, and jumped off the pier with the local boys into the beautiful carribean (yes, even Chris did it!). Today we travelled to San Pedro, Honduras, which is the financial capital of the country. San Pedro had some demonstrations in the town square but nothing that got out of hand while we were passing through. Tomorrow morning we will catch an early bus (5:15 a.m.) directly to Nicaragua. Due to Chris' ticket, we have to move a little quicker to get him to Costa Rica for his flight out in a couple weeks.

Honduras is beautiful and we are loving what little we have been able to experience.
Thanks for reading.....caio for now.


  1. Viva Honduras! You guys are killing me with this adventure. I wish I were tagging along. You'll be happy to know Redding is experiencing a little Central American love today, 110 was the high and some thunderclouds cruised in to give us a little humidity. Yesterday was 113. Muy caliente! Oh well, that which doesn't kill us makes us bitch all that more.

    Have fun, be safe, don't take any wooden pesos.

    Your pal Lou

  2. Great photo of Mark and Chris!
    And here I am, animal-sitting for Karen & Co. How banal, compared to your daily, unpredictable adventures. Love hearing from you!

  3. You need to stay in Costa Rica until we get there so we can meet up! Tell Chris hello! Love you guys and I love your updates! Looks like you are all having a blast!

  4. Hey Guys,
    We continue to look forward to your posts. We had a great time in Oaxaca! Marc, I hope you let that beard grow!